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Masterplates: Colonized Plates

Masterplates: Colonized Plates

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Mush Corp's Mycelial Masterplates aren't just pre-grown petri dishes – they're stepping stones to fungal glory!

90 mm autoclavable colonized plates, parafilm wrapped.

  • Visual Symphony: Each plate is a living work of art, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of active mycelium. Watch in awe as hyphae stretch and twist, forming intricate networks that rival the most avant-garde paintings. Nature's artistry meets world domination – fungal futurism at its finest!
  • Transfer Triumph: Our pre-established mycelium makes transferring to larger substrates a breeze. Gently scoop and conquer, or slice and splice your way to fungal empire-building. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your spore-tastic ambition.
  • Educational Enrichment: Witness the magic of fungal growth firsthand! Mycelial Masterplates are the perfect learning tool for budding mycologists and seasoned spore-slingers alike. Observe the intricate workings of mycelium, unravel the secrets of the chitinous underworld, and become a true master of the fungal domain.

Notes: Knocked plates will be colonized at various stages. We want to be sure they are clean and well established before shipping, without becoming overgrown. Processing time can run 1-2 weeks.

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