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LC Syringe

LC Syringe

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Each 10 mL syringe comes with:

  • Strain Guide & Cultivation Cheat Sheet: Get started in seconds with our easy-to-follow instructions, even if your mycological expertise lies somewhere between "moldy bread" and "mushroom pizza." 
  • Mush Corp Swag (as available): Flaunt your spore-slinging prowess with our limited-edition stickers.

So, are you ready to unleash the fury of pre-cultivated mycelium? Grab your Liquid Culture Syringes, choose your fungal champion, and prepare to paint the world with the vibrant hues of mushroomy mayhem! Remember, Mush Corp isn't just your liquid culture supplier – we're your accomplices in spore-based anarchy. Inject chaos, dominate substrates, and let the fungal games begin!

Seasonal note: We cannot guarantee quality if you choose to ship things to Hell or the Arctic.  If it is unreasonably hot or cold where you have requested these items to be shipped, we will work out the best method to protect our precious little ones, but you assume the risk of harm.  Contact us, and we can work together to solve problems.


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