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LC Magic Pouch- Single Serve Nutrients 5 Pack

LC Magic Pouch- Single Serve Nutrients 5 Pack

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These 2.8 ml single serve bags are all you need to have successful liquid cultures.

Each order contains 5 pouches.

  • Supercharge your substrate: Our proprietary blend of nutrients provides the optimal environment for mycelium to thrive, ensuring explosive growth and vigorous colonization.
  • Simplify your lab: Forget the messy measuring and bulk ingredient storage – each pouch is pre-measured for a 600 ML batch, saving you valuable time.

All you need is water, your jars, and it's ready to PC.

Each packet makes 600 ml: One quart canning jar or two pint jars.

So, are you ready to streamline your mycological endeavors and unleash the power of pre-measured perfection? Grab your Mush Corp Magic Pouches, choose your fungal payload, and prepare to witness the explosive growth that will fuel your spore-based world domination. Remember, Mush Corp isn't just your LC nutrient supplier – we're your partners in cultivating chaos.

Dominate your dishes, conquer your contaminants, and let the fungal games begin!

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